Kerala must leverage its innovation potential to transform healthcare: TiEcon 2018

January 14, 2019 0 By FM

Kerala must focus on its inherent qualities of creativity and innovation to develop itself as an ideal location for implementing fresh concepts in life sciences and health care. The modern healthcare industry, together with alternative medicine, can jointly provide a holistic approach in promoting health and tourism in the state, participants pointed out.

Another area that the state can really make a difference is in the development of virtual centres for counselling and behavioural therapy, say industry experts who participated in a thought-provoking discussion at the TiEcon 2018. The 7th edition of the entrepreneurship conference was conducted around the theme of “Rebuilding Kerala” by leveraging entrepreneurship and emerging technologies, on Nov 16-17 at Kochi.

More than 1,000 delegates, including entrepreneurs, technocrats, researchers and professionals, participated in the two-day conference. The conference sessions highlighted the importance of creating opportunities in multiple industry and service sectors within the state.

“This time, we had an increased focus towards technocrats and industrialists, as we could use their resources and ideas to rebuild our state, while creating more job opportunities for the people. This will also, in turn, help the state to overcome the recent crisis caused by the floods,” said Wg. Cdr K. Chandrasekhar, Executive Director, TiE Kerala.

“We need to have an affordable, quality healthcare which can be made possible through technological advancements,” said Dr. Rajeev Jayadevan, deputy medical director, Sunrise Hospital, Kochi, summarising the panel discussion on emerging trends in health care.

A panel discussion on life sciences called for support and exposure for small and medium-sized enterprises.

“I do not think what we need now is a startup explosion. Rather, Kerala needs an SME exposure which can help provide jobs to many people at this time,” emphasized Leo Mavely, Founder and CEO of Axio Biosolutions, while participating in the discussion on investments in the life sciences sector.

“We have lots of talent available in the state, offering immense opportunities for startup companies and the innovative young generation to come up. But somewhere, there is a disconnect that blocks the investments. It is perhaps the fear of failure or the lack of exposure and visibility to the market space,” stated C.H. Unnikrishnan, founder and editor, Future Medicine, while summarizing a panel discussion on entrepreneurship in life sciences.

Discussing the stability of business, C. Padmakumar, chairman and managing director, Terumo Penpol Pvt. Ltd , the country’s largest blood-bag maker, underscored Kerala as the state which provides the most consistent business environment by enforcing laws and policies.