Marinomed develops treatment for autoimmune gastritis

October 8, 2020 0 By FM

Marinomed Biotech AG, a Vienna-based biopharmaceutical company, is developing a treatment for autoimmune gastritis together with the Medical University of Vienna.

The anti-inflammatory treatment will be based on the Marinosolv technology platform.

“So far there is no anti-inflammatory treatment for autoimmune gastritis… Researchers from the Medical University of Vienna bring extensive knowledge regarding the disease to the table, while we have the necessary galenic know-how. For patients, this would mean a milestone in their
treatment”, said Andreas Grassauer, CEO, Marinomed, in a press statement.
Anti-inflammatory drugs will be applied locally in the stomach in order to act predominantly in affected areas. The local application will severely reduce systemic effects and potential side effects.

The inflammation, triggered by autoantibodies, will be stopped and the gastric mucosa can recover. Autoimmune gastritis is a chronic inflammation of the stomach with a progressive loss of parietal cells which primarily manage the production and secretion of gastric acid and intrinsic factor.

Subsequently, the uptake of vitamin B12 in the body is reduced which can lead to pernicious anaemia and various neurological symptoms. Data on the worldwide incidence of people who suffer from autoimmune gastritis is hard to obtain as most patients experience a late and unspecific development of symptoms. The estimated prevalence varies between 2 – 8% of the total population, according to the company.

Marinosolv technology significantly increases the efficacy of hardly soluble compounds. In 2019, Marinomed successfully completed a phase III clinical trial for the lead product Budesolv, a fast-acting medicinal product to alleviate hay fever.