Fluidda gets FDA nod for Broncholab

April 4, 2020 0 By FM

The US FDA has cleared Broncholab, a functional respiratory imaging (FRI) platform. 

Broncholab provides a number of parameters to physicians via an online platform to assist in diagnosing and monitoring of respiratory diseases.

The severity of respiratory diseases is often underestimated by conventional lung function tests, such as spirometry. As healthy areas in the lung tend to compensate for sick areas, spirometry can indicate normal lung function despite declining lung health. Quantitative HRCT techniques such as FRI yields more accurate regional information that is clinically relevant for early and correct diagnosis and to optimize treatments for individual patients.

FRI technique combines HRCT scans, computational fluid dynamics and AI technology, which offers vast improvements by making clinical trials shorter, faster and thus, more cost-effective, Fluidda said.