MedGenome launches ApnaGenome DNA test kit

March 6, 2020 0 By FM

Asia’s largest genetic test lab MedGenome Labs has launched its first personalised genetic test kit ApnaGenome. Popular actor Mamta Mohandas along with Dr Prasanna Kumar, head marketing & medical affairs at MedGenome Labs, launched the kit, which is designed with a vision of providing the Indian population an insight into their genetic history
and a road map to the future, at the Kerala Literature Festival. 

Apart from the basic tests that can reveal the ancestry and drug responsiveness of individuals, it can also help predicting possibilities of several diseases including cancer, cholesterol and cardiac related issues through profiling of individual genes from saliva sample.       

The ApnaGenome genetic test has been designed from data curated from genomic analysis done on the Indian population. MedGenome runs the largest DNA sequencing lab in Asia with a large repository of genomic information on the Indian population. The data generated from this research is the engine behind ApnaGenome.

India’s diverse heritage represents multiple evolutionary timelines and makes us unique in the global population. We are a kaleidoscope of multiple ethnicities and populations. Tracing our origins is one of the most challenging and exciting adventures we can embark on. Modern genomic techniques provide us with this opportunity to play genomic archaeology.

Our genomic imprint also makes us different from the rest of the world population in the way we react to medicines that
have been primarily researched on western populations. We are also more susceptible to disease such as diabetes and heart disease compared to western population. Genomic technology also allows us to tailor our
drug regimes and predict our risk of developing heart disease.