FDA clears laser hair growth device

December 6, 2019 0 By FM

The US FDA has granted approval for HairBoom Air as a Class II hair treatment medical device. 

While many medical devices for hair loss treatment are composed of LD (Laser Diode) and LED terminal combinations, HairBoom Air has 69 LD terminals.

These devices deliver nourishing laser energy to stimulate hair follicles, reverse the thinning process, restore the natural growth cycle and regrow hair.

HairBoom Air is the latest model of the Hairboom series and uses a safe, low-power laser therapy (LLLT). 

The laser generated from the LD terminal is delivered evenly throughout the scalp to activate follicle cell proliferation, increase blood flow and supply sufficient nutrition and oxygen to the hair muscles with smooth blood flow to create healthy hair and strengthen its thickness.

Based on clinical results, HairBoom Air has the advantage of being able to manage the entire scalp and is easy to use because it is of a lighter, helmet-type form-factor compared to previous devices.

Wontech, a Korean laser device company, was granted approval for the HairBoom Air LLLT hair loss treatment device.