Abbott launches HD grid mapping catheter in India

August 5, 2019 0 By FM

Abbott has introduced sensor-enabled HD grid mapping catheter in India.

For people battling complex arrhythmias, physicians may use cardiac ablation therapy to create lesions on the heart to disrupt the electrical pathways causing the erratic heartbeats.

To ensure the best outcomes for their patients, physicians first need to identify which areas of the heart contain those pathways.

Mapping catheters are critical to providing this insight — delivering an inside view of the heart so physicians can navigate cardiac anatomy to deliver more precise ablation therapy.

The new catheter from Abbott is designed to capture information — such as the direction and speed of cardiac signals — often missed with traditional mapping catheters.

It offers physicians a grid configuration that captures this critical information and enables the creation of high-density maps of cardiac tissue to support optimal treatment for patients.

With this grid mapping catheter, for the first-time physicians can see electrical signals that they may have missed using standard mapping catheters, Abbott said.

This product received the USFDA clearance last year in May.