GammaPod radiotherapy system receives CE mark

July 4, 2019 0 By FM

Systems LLC announced that the GammaPod stereotactic radiotherapy system for noninvasive breast cancer treatment has received CE marking.

With GammaPod, patients can receive partial breast radiation in conjunction with breast conserving treatment in five sessions or less. Patients receiving whole breast irradiation with a tumour bed “boost” may be eligible to reduce the boost from several treatments to one.

The GammaPod Consortium plans to start clinical trials later this year investigating the use of preoperative radiosurgery delivered in one to three treatments for patients with localized disease. Researchers will investigate the efficacy of preoperative radiation and identify the population of patients who may be able to receive radiation alone to destroy the tumour, thereby obviating the need for surgery.

Stereotactic radiotherapy treatments differ from conventional techniques in that they deliver higher doses of more focused radiation in fewer treatments.

GammaPod uses a first-of-its-kind breast cup immobilization system to minimize motion and provide high levels of accuracy for treatment planning and delivery, the company said.