Dale launches hold-n-place catheter device

July 4, 2019 0 By FM

Dale Medical Products has launched Hold-n-Place Catheter securement products.

The new catheter securement products are engineered stabilsation devices (ESD) and feature a soft, comfortable, flexible design with no hard plastic parts. It requires no skin prep for application nor alcohol for removal.

The devices are available in two sizes: one for IV, arterial and mid-line catheter securement and another for CVC, PICC and arterial sheath securement. Either device is available by itself, with a transparent dressing, or with a PrevahexCHX Antimicrobial Transparent Film Dressing by Entrotech Life Sciences, Inc.

Hold-n-Place is the first catheter ESD available with the PrevahexCHX dressing. Together, the two products combine the effectiveness of an ESD with the CHX chlorhexidine dressing cleared by the US FDA with complete antimicrobial protection throughout the transparent areas, and with the adhesive strength and transparency clinicians are looking for in a seven-day securement solution, the company said.