US FDA approves novel portable gas exchange monitor

June 9, 2019 0 By FM

The US FDA has approved the Gas Exchange Monitor, a portable respiratory monitoring device.

The device provides real-time, clinically actionable data measuring pulmonary gas exchange in a wide variety of respiratory disease, manufactured and marketed by MediPines.

The Novel physiologic results on world elite freedivers’ using the non-invasive gas exchange monitor were presented at the Experimental Biology 2019 conference. The new device makes it now possible for a non-invasive portable measurement that can support evaluation and trending of pulmonary gas exchange status of a patient in a point of care setting.

Freedivers place themselves in extreme conditions, which push the outer limits of human lung physiology and can lead to a high oxygen deficit. The device provided rapid feedback to the research team tasked with assessing the freedivers’ gas exchange status.