Baxter launches haemostatic product

June 9, 2019 0 By FM

Floseal Hemostatic Matrix has been granted approval by the USFDA, Baxter International announced.

Floseal has 20 per cent fewer components and steps to prepare, making it easier and faster for operating room (OR) nurses to get Floseal in the hands of surgeons to help stop bleeding during procedures.

The device has been proven to perform quickly and consistently across a range of bleeds in surgical procedures. A 13cm Malleable Applicator is included with every kit that allows surgeons to maneuver the product into the proper position.

In this latest design, the diluent ampoule has been replaced by pre-filling the existing mixing syringe so that Floseal can be prepared more quickly than the current configuration.

Both active and passive adjunctive haemostatic agents are available to help control bleeding in surgical procedures when ligature or conventional methods are ineffective or impractical.