Medtronic launches spinal device for pain management

June 9, 2019 0 By FM

Medtronic has launched Intellis platform for the management of certain types of chronic intractable pain.

The platform was designed to overcome limitations with current spinal cord stimulation (SCS) systems, such as battery performance, and can power the Evolve workflow, which standardises guidance and balances high-dose (HD)
and low-dose (LD) therapy settings.

It can record and track patient activity 24/7 and is managed on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet interface, enabling physicians to address the subjective and personal nature of chronic pain by monitoring progress and making modifications to better suit their patients’ therapy needs.

Intellis platform can help optimize treatment and improve patient-physician communication by tracking and sharing daily activities, body positions and therapy usage and by giving physicians an objective look at mobility and progress.

The device also addresses a common patient complaint: battery recharge issues. With Medtronic’s proprietary Overdrive battery technology, the Intellis battery can be fully recharged from empty to full in approximately one hour and physicians can now estimate recharge intervals based on therapy settings.

Additional advances in the device include secure wireless Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 programmers for physicians that enable faster delivery of evolving workflows and software upgrades.

Medtronic neurostimulation therapy for chronic intractable pain uses a medical device placed under a patient’s skin to deliver mild electrical impulses through a lead implanted in the epidural space to block pain signals from going to the brain.