Hemoblast Bellows to control bleeding in laparo surgery

March 5, 2019 0 By FM

Biom’up’s Hemoblast Bellows Laparoscopic Applicator has received marketing approval from US FDA for all minimally-invasive procedures.
The new approval expands the indications of the Hemoblast Bellows device and enables surgeons to use the haemostatic powder for both traditional and laparoscopic surgeries with the same patient.
The 35cm long polycarbonate applicator fits easily into the existing applicator and delivers Hemoblast powder to minimally invasive bleeding sites in under one minute.
Hemoblast Bellows is the only surgical haemostatic agent approved by the FDA based on the validated Spot Grad Surface Bleeding Severity Scale (SBSS), which demonstrates its ability to control a range of bleeding from minimal (oozing), mild (pooling) and moderate (flowing) bleeding. Hemoblast Bellows is proven to control bleeding with flow rates up to 117 mL per minute, Biom’up said.
Hemoblast Bellows can be used to control bleeding in a broad range of procedures, such as cardiac, general and orthopaedic surgeries.