LaparoGuard to navigate surgeries

February 4, 2019 0 By FM

Mariner Endosurgery’s LaparoGuard Augmented Surgical Navigation system has been approved for use in U.S. operating rooms.
LaparoGuard is an augmented surgical navigation system that enables surgeons to annotate areas of 3D safety zones during minimally invasive procedures.
Similar to the heads-up display of a fighter jet, LaparoGuard allows surgeons to annotate areas of risk, and then see 3D renderings of surgeon-defined safety zones as a heads-up, real-time image overlay.
This information from LaparoGuard is integrated into the operating room’s conventional visualization equipment, and LaparoGuard’s functionality provides surgeons with additional spatial awareness information.
The navigation system also provides continuous tracking of multiple tools throughout a procedure for real-time location updates within the abdominal cavity.