Siemens launches mobile C-arm for OR

February 4, 2019 0 By FM

Siemens Healthineers has introduced Cios Fit, a mobile C-arm designed for operation room and demanding multidisciplinary environment, in India.
Cios Fit is designed to help in improving quality of care, achieve efficient workflows, and profit from high uptime, thereby reducing avoidable costs, according to a company release.
It is built for the tough job in the operation room (OR) where the equipment needs to deliver high-quality imaging, be simplified in its usage, and robust to last for long.
With Cios Fit-powerful imaging technology, the surgeons are able to maintain consistency with crystal clear images of anatomical structures, implants, screws and devices resulting in accurate treatment.
Smart radiation dose management with dedicated paediatric mode and smart power management for patients with diverse needs ensure safety in the OR.
Free movements with 380° C-arm angulation with no need to lock it after each movement simplifies the entire process for the OR team. Moreover, its small footprint and lightweight design ease the Door-to-Door transfer for the OR staff.