Baxter introduces buttressing patch

February 4, 2019 0 By FM

Baxter has come out with Peri-Strips Dry with Veritas (PSDV) Circular Staple Line Reinforcement with Secure Grip technology for surgical buttressing and soft tissue repair.
PSDV Circular, with the included cartridge cone, is designed to allow a circular surgical stapler to advance across the incision site with minimal tissue injury while protecting the buttress. PSDV Circular also features Baxter’s Secure Grip technology, which provides secure placement of PSDV onto a circular surgical stapler. PSDV Circular is easy-to-load through a peel-and-stick configuration and can be used in a range of surgical procedures.
During bariatric procedures, surgeons use a variety of techniques to reduce the risk of significant complications such as staple line leaks and bleeds. To reduce this risk, many surgeons choose to buttress, or reinforce, the staple line with biologic buttressing patches like Baxter’s PSDV Circular product.