Abbott’s Troponin-I blood test gets CE mark

January 14, 2019 0 By FM

Abbott said its Troponin-I blood test received CE mark. The troponin test can more accurately predict the chances of having a heart attack or other cardiac event potentially months to years in advance in people who otherwise appear healthy, according to the company.

Troponin-I proteins are released from the heart and can be found at elevated levels in the blood when the heart muscle has been damaged due to lack of blood flow.

Abbott’s Architect Stat High Sensitive Troponin-I blood test has been used in emergency rooms across Europe over the past five years to help physicians detect heart attacks faster and more accurately, particularly among women who often have lower troponin levels.

Because of its high sensitivity, the Troponin-I test can detect very low levels of troponin.The test now can be used to determine cardiac risk in people with no reported symptoms of heart disease.

Using this diagnostic test during the same blood draw of a routine health exam, doctors will be able to look at what’s actually happening to the heart and better determine their patients’ risk of developing heart diseases, such as a heart attack or other cardiac event, in the future.

In addition to determining a patient’s cardiac risk, Abbott’s Troponin-I test is designed in such a way that biotin doesn’t affect test results. Biotin may interfere with some lab tests, including cardiac ones, potentially leading to false positive or false negative results.

The Troponin-I test is now available to be used on Abbott’s Architect system for cardiac risk assessment in CE marked countries and in countries where regulatory registration is not required for this product.