Certara cloud-based platform to help HCPs

December 13, 2018 0 By FM

Certara has launched BaseCase Portal cloud-based platform that allows for the rapid creation of fully-customizable mobile apps that connect live to mathematical models and algorithms, and help HCPs optimize treatment for individual patients.
BaseCase Portal enables clinicians to use complex scientific models and algorithms that were previously only available in research settings, to guide therapeutic decision-making.
The platform keeps a strict separation between the user interface and the underlying mathematical model. This offers many benefits over the old way of doing things in which algorithms typically were hardwired into a website. On BaseCase Portal, algorithms and models can be validated and updated much more easily.
BaseCase Portal also features embedded version control and release workflows, and provides an audit trail, allowing a new version of an app to be uploaded as soon as it receives the requisite legal and regulatory approvals.
Besides precision dosing apps, BaseCase Portal can also be used for diverse purposes such as providing education and facilitating collaboration. Examples include apps that provide product information, inform on guidelines and treatment pathways, and track the progress of global studies.
As BaseCase Portal is a white label solution, it can be tailored to reflect each clients’ brand identity, Certara informs.