OptiScanner 7000 gets CE mark

June 10, 2020 0 By FM

OptiScan Biomedical Corporation announced that the OptiScanner7000 has received CE Mark certification for use in the European Union.

The OptiScanner 7000, which builds upon the company’s OptiScanner 5000 (glucose) and OptiScanner 6000 (glucose and lactate) products, allows for the automated, continuous bedside monitoring and trending of glucose, lactate and central venous oxygen saturation (Scv02) levels from a single micro-sample of a patient’s blood.

The ability to automatically trend and monitor multiple critical parameters, such as glucose, lactate and ScvO2, aims at capturing the fullest, most accurate understanding of an ICU-patient’s metabolic condition from a single source, allowing physicians to detect problems early, intervene quickly and confirm the successful resolution of the issues, the company said.