ResMed to suport India with more ventilators, clinician support

May 19, 2021 0 By FM

ResMed, the world’s leading medical accessories and innovative healthcare solutions company, said on Wednesday that it will provide support to mitigate the effects of its latest wave of COVID-19 cases and hospitalisations in India and will build and send thousands more ventilators over the coming weeks to the country.

The following statement is from ResMed’s Asia & Latin America President Justin Leong:

“ResMed stands strong with all the people in India as we provide support to mitigate the effects of its latest wave of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations. Since April, we have shipped over 8,000 ventilators to over 100 hospitals nationwide. We continue to work closely with our partners on the ground to gauge demand and our global teams are working together to build and send thousands more ventilators over the coming weeks.

To ensure physicians can safely and remotely monitor patients, we expanded AirView for Ventilation (our cloud-based monitoring solution) in India, Europe, Latin America, and the United States over the past year. Our team in India has also delivered roughly 50 webinars to Indian physicians to ensure that the medical community is supported on our products and services as they help patients breathe better.

I truly wish to thank our India-based team, who are working tirelessly each day to keep delivering our products and services to their communities. I am in awe of our team’s persistent determination and passion each and every day. Our team’s safety and wellbeing is a top priority for us, and we are providing additional support and benefits such as increased insurance coverage and paying for vaccination costs to keep them and their families safe during this time.

ResMed – and I personally – owe a debt of gratitude to all ResMedians and healthcare workers across India and other affected communities worldwide helping give the gift of breath to people stricken with COVID or chronic respiratory diseases. We wish everyone well, and will continue to do our part to help millions of people sleep, breathe, and live better lives during and long after this pandemic.”