Hinduja Foundation collaborates to promote mental health in India

May 18, 2021 0 By FM

The Hinduja Foundation has collaborated with the Chopra Foundation, the John W Brick mental health foundation, and CG Creatives, to co-sponsor Spotlight India, a three-hour segment within the Never Alone Global Mental Health (Virtual) Summit to promote the importance of mental health.

Leading mental health professionals, wellness experts, brain scientists, artists, and musicians will be sharing mental health strategies, solutions, and tools to boost mental and emotional resilience for a global audience, with India at its core. With expert advice, straight talk and personal stories by motivational speakers, the objective of the initiative is to elevate moods, rebalance thinking, and boost resilience in these challenging times.

The three-hour segment will be curated to create a multisensory deep listening experience designed to invoke states of reflection, receptivity, and exchange. Some of the key speakers at Spotlight India will include Sadhguru and Abhay Deol. The virtual summit will be streamed live on Facebook, YouTube, and other media platforms at 6.30 PM IST on Friday 21st May 2021 and participants can access free online tools to support their mental health and well-being through https://neveralonesummit.live/.

“The summit is a step towards raising awareness and normalising the conversation about mental health and eradicating the stigma that has unfortunately developed around it. We hope that through this initiative, together we can stand for our shared humanity and promote the message of ‘You are never alone,” commented Paul Abraham, President, Hinduja Foundation.