COVID-19 critical care:Apollo launches tele-service for general physicians

May 14, 2021 0 By FM

Apollo Hospitals has launched a free tele-access facility that general physicians and nursing homes can use to get advice from critical care experts on the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

The tele-access facility will provide guidance and empower general physicians and smaller nursing homes with the knowledge to offer therapy based on approved protocols in a timely manner. Apollo Hospitals’ experienced COVID-19 critical care experts shall provide advice on how to effectively care for critically ill patients.

The shortage of qualified health care providers has led to a situation where unproven therapies with potential harm are being prescribed even if not indicated, often due to lack of expert advice.

Despite the limited role of remdesivir in selected hospitalised COVID-19 patients requiring small amounts of oxygen, its indiscriminate use has led to an acute shortage adding stress to not just families of patients, but also the healthcare community. Early inappropriate use of steroids has been a factor leading to increased incidence of secondary infections including the increasing cases of fungal infections such as mucormycosis that are being reported, noted the hospital in the press release.

“Through this initiative, we are sharing our experience in best practices with doctors and nursing homes who may not have the complete knowledge of high-end critical care. This will prevent them from adopting unproven therapies with potential harm and empower them to offer the correct evidence-based therapy at the right time even to patients at home and at smaller nursing homes. We believe that this will help in limiting disease progression and lead to the efficient utilisation of medical beds, oxygen and medications.” said Dr Prathap C Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group.

In the first phase, Apollo Hospitals’ critical care specialists will provide consultative services to physicians in the Tamil Nadu IMA community to optimise COVID care delivery. A special helpline number is being set up for this purpose. Doctors and nursing homes can call from 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday.