Tata STRIVE and Wipro GE join hands to train youth for jobs in healthcare sector

February 26, 2021 0 By FM

Tata STRIVE and Wipro GE Healthcare has joined hands to skill youth for jobs in the healthcare sector over a period of three years. The partnership aims to address the increasing demand for allied healthcare professionals (AHPs) who could make a significant contribution to the healthcare delivery system.

The agreement plans to skill 6,200 candidates in various technical and operational areas of healthcare. As part of this partnership, Wipro GE Healthcare will design, develop and implement industry-relevant, hands-on training with a goal of achieving gainful employment for these students, many of whom belong to underprivileged sections of society.

Wipro GE Healthcare in 2015 established the GE Healthcare Education Institute (GEHCI) with an aim to improve access to quality healthcare throughout the country by developing skilled healthcare resources.

As part of this collaboration with Tata STRIVE, GEHmeCI will execute these healthcare training courses through a mix of both classroom and virtual sessions along with interactive training exercises. The program will provide opportunity to underserved 12th pass students to enter healthcare sector as X-ray, operation theatre, radiology, or as cardiac care technician. In addition, non-technical job roles such as front desk coordinator and medical record technician courses are also offered.

All technical training courses under this initiative have been layered with Tata STRIVE’s highly recognised Youth Development Modules comprising soft skills and life skills. The candidates enrolled in this programme will also undergo continuous assessment and internships during the course duration, said the company in the release.

Tata STRIVE with the support of Tata Trusts will provide the candidates loan scholarships upon qualifying for the course. The initiative aims to provide its industry relevant state of the art content for the soft skills aligned to the healthcare sector requirements.

Tata STRIVE is the skill development initiative of the Tata Community Initiatives Trust under the aegis of Tata Trusts, addressing the need of skilling India’s youth for employment, entrepreneurship and community enterprise.

India has a huge shortfall of Allied Health Professionals. It is estimated that the current requirement for AHPs in India is nearly 6.5 million as against a supply of less than 300,000. As per National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), in 2018 the healthcare technician demand-supply gap in India was at 84% shortfall.

AHPs provide a range of services including technical and diagnostics as well as help in the effective functioning of the system. They can help in scaling up healthcare services by complementing skill sets of doctors and nurses. Despite a huge demand for their services, the segment is highly short-staffed and fragmented in India.

“India’s Healthcare sector is currently starved of an adequately skilled workforce as well as an adequate number of allied healthcare professionals. This partnership between Tata STRIVE and Wipro GE Healthcare, will build a cadre of technical professionals that will support the delivery of quality medical care to reduce this gap. The financial support towards training, provided by Tata’s will democratise the opportunity for youth especially women to aspire for a career in healthcare.” said Anita Rajan, CEO, Tata STRIVE.