Neurosurgeons at Fortis Noida ‘clips’ aneurysm in COVID-19 patient

February 16, 2021 0 By FM

A team of doctors at Fortis Hospital, Noida recently performed a lifesaving brain surgery using ‘clipping technique’ on a 50 years old woman who had a brain haemorrhage caused by a burst of an aneurysm in the brain.

The patient was presented with persistent complaints of severe headache and was also tested positive for COVID-19. She was diagnosed with a brain haemorrhage and the condition was ascertained with an angiography. The doctors had to immediately perform the surgery due to the critical nature of the disease.

The rare clipping technique is a procedure used in cases of intensive and complex surgery where the heart of the patient is paused for a while. The surgery was performed by Dr Rahul Gupta, Director, Department of Neurosurgery, Fortis Hospital, Noida and Dr Arnab, Head, Neuro-Anaesthesia, Fortis Hospital, Noida.

An aneurysm is a defect in a vessel wall like a balloon, which can burst anytime in the brain and may cause death of the patient. The test showed a vertebral artery aneurysm. This type of aneurysm are usually foun at a difficult location making it even more difficult to perform clipping method.

The surgery was performed to clip the aneurysm in a special COVID-19 operation theatre.

Dr. Arnab said, “While performing the surgery Sudeshna’s heart was stopped for two minutes to place the clip accurately and also to ensure that there is no excessive blood loss while fitting the clip…W R2Qe successfully completed the surgery and the clip was placed in the right direction. Post the surgery the patient was shifted to ICU and within a few days the patient recovered and was discharged. The patient visits the hospital for regular check-ups and is on path to speedy recovery.”