Watch Your Health and Madhavbaug jointly launch new phygital healthcare platform for cardiac care

December 19, 2020 0 By FM

The digital health tech company Watch Your Health in association with Madhavbaug, a multidisciplinary cardiac care clinic and hospital chain in India, have launched phygital healthcare platform.

Madhavbaug treatments rely on advanced therapies with a systematic non-invasive approach to relieve patients of heart disease and risk factors or conditions that cause heart disease. The treatments are scientifically researched integration of ayurveda and modern medical science, says the company. Madhavbaug currently has 255 clinics and 2 hospitals in India.

The new phygital healthcare platform utilises several study data and machine learning to help in easily identifying the patients’ problems and suggest them with a programme that helps the doctor track the patient much faster and take necessary action.

The app automatically tracks day-to-day activities and diet intake including statistics like the number of steps, sleep duration, and number of active hours from patient and help them with detailed analysis on lifestyle pattern.

With this the patient would know his/her adherence towards the programme set by the doctor. The doctor on other hand can track patient adherence on diet, activities, medicine intake and others as prescribed.

“Madhavbaug has already proved the humongous benefits to the heart patients when modern technology is integrated with research based ayurveda. If it is added with technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence and remote patient monitoring then it can be the best tool to free India from the clutches of cardiovascular diseases” said Rohit Sane, CEO, Madhavbaug.

As world is facing ongoing challenge of COVID-19 pandemic, we are now well versed with the fatalities affecting patients suffering from heart related problems. With use of WYH Technology, Madhavbaug can scale the outreach programme and provide end to end services with much needed precision and value to the patient, he added.