UK-based company develops digital health passport for overseas travellers

December 17, 2020 0 By FM

A new digital health passport known as ‘V-Health Passport’ has been launched by the UK-based cyber technology firm VST Enterprises (VSTE) that can validate an individual’s identity, authenticate their COVID-19 test result and vaccination or immunisation details through a secure app.

The digital passport provides next-generation code authentication technology, and that can be used across borders when travelling by air, land, or sea. V-Health Passport does not use bar or QR code technology but relies on VCode to provide advanced closed-loop technology, end-to-end encryption, and 2.2 quintillion collision-free combination codes, said the company.

VSTE claims that the technology does not track users’ live location and provides all data in a secure GDPR compliant framework. It gives users control of who, when and how they share their data. The app also provides contact tracing technology which uses anonymised data.

“Both bar codes and QR codes, which represent first- and second-generation technology, are unsecure and vulnerable to hacking,” VSTE CEO Louis-James Davis said in a release.

“Therefore, any suggestion of using this type of technology in a health passport for air travel has very real security risks. Not only is a citizen’s personal information at risk, but their COVID-19 test status, vaccination records and also their credit card information. With the alarming increase and black-market trade in fake COVID-19 test certificates, this also puts a very real threat and risk to passenger safety on airline carriers,” he explained.