LVPEI, Aravind Eye Care share Greenberg Prize 2020 to end blindness

December 8, 2020 0 By FM

L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) and the Madurai-based Aravind Eye Care Systems will share the prestigious ‘The Greenberg Prize – End Blindness 2020’ in the ‘Outstanding Achievement Prize’ category, for their contributions to eliminate blindness.

‘End Blindness’ was a movement to eradicate blindness created by Dr Sanford Greenberg, who had himself lost his eyes at 19 years of his age, and his wife Susan. When Dr Greenberg was the chairman of the board of governors of the Johns Hopkins University’s Wilmer Eye Institute, in 2012, this award was announced to recognize the work of the scientific and medical communities who pioneered in the fight to end blindness, between then and 2020.

“Eliminating avoidable blindness by the year 2020 has been an aspiration of the global eye care community for over two decades,” said Dr Gullapalli N Rao, Founder-Chair, L V Prasad Eye Institute, in a statement.

Recipients of The Greenberg Prize include members of the scientific and medical communities who have pioneered breath-taking advances in the fight to end the debilitating condition.

Prize recipients are being honored in two categories: the Outstanding Achievement Prize, highlighting profound strides toward preventing and curing blindness, and The Visionary Prize, providing funding for scientists whose research exhibits significant potential in ending this ancient scourge.

Awarding $3 million in prize money, The Greenberg Prize is the high watermark of a historic joint effort by leading scientists and figures from the worlds of business, politics, culture, art, music and entertainment.
Aravind Eye Care systems operates in more than 80 centres.

The award ceremony will be streamed live online at 19:00 EST on Monday, 14 December 2020; Indian Time: 05:30 IST on Tuesday, 15 December 2020.