Boehringer Ingelheim launches NexGard and Broadline in India for parasite control in dogs and cats

August 1, 2020 0 By FM

The global human and veterinary healthcare company Boehringer Ingelheim has recently launched NexGard (afoxolaner) and Broadline (fipronil, (s)-methoprene, eprinomectin, praziquantel) in India intended for the comprehensive parasite treatment for dogs and cats respectively.

Flea infestations can quickly get out of control as they lay eggs in exponentially large numbers. Fleas are also responsible for transmitting the dog tapeworm (Dipylidium Caninum) to dogs, cats and even humans. On the other hand, ticks can cause serious disease, including Lyme disease, paralysis and anaemia.

NexGard (axofolaner) is an oral chewable ectoparasiticide for dogs to treat tick, flea and mite infestation. Axofolaner acts rapidly, inducing hyperexcitation and the death of the common ectoparasites. It begins to kill fleas before they lay eggs, thus preventing subsequent infestation, revealed the company.

According to the company, NexGard was found highly effective (100%) against adult fleas 24 hours post infestation for 35 days, and demonstrated greater than 90 percent effectiveness against ticks, 48hrs post infestation for 30 days. Intake of a single drug prevented and treated parasite infestations in dogs for a full month. Being highly palatable it helped simplify administration in dogs as well as puppies, from as early as 8 weeks old and 2kgs.

Broadline offers both systemic and topical modes of action to target all major parasites in cats and kittens. A single application treats all major parasitic worms in cats, including zootonic tapeworms and harmful non-diagnosable migrating larval stages of nematodes, said the company. The drug is safe and well tolerated in cats and kittens from 7 weeks.