Glenmark launches favipiravir for treatment of COVID-19 in India

June 20, 2020 0 By FM

The India-based pharmaceutical firm Glenmark received the DCGI nod to launch favipiravir for the treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19 patients in the country, the company announced.

The drug is currently released for restricted emergency use in India.

Favipiravir is an oral antiviral drug with a unique activity against RNA viruses. Upon intake, the drug is converted to the ribofuranosyl triphosphate derivative by host enzymes which selectively inhibit the influenza viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase enzyme necessary for their replication.

“Restricted use entails responsible medication use where every patient must have signed informed consent before treatment initiation,” Glenmark Pharmaceuticals said in a statement.

The approval has been granted based on the evaluation of data and in consultation with the Subject Expert Committee, as part of the accelerated approval process, considering the emergency situation and unmet medical need of the COVID-19 outbreak.