WHO resumes hydroxychloroquine trial to evaluate its efficacy against COVID-19

June 6, 2020 0 By FM

The World Health Organization has recently announced that the clinical trials of the drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) shall be resumed for testing its efficacy against COVID-19 as the drug was found to show no higher risk for mortality.

The Data Safety and Monitoring Committee of the Solidarity Trial has been reviewing the data of the HCQ trial based on a recent study by The Lancet medical journal that alerted that the antimalarial drug could increase the risk of mortality among COVID-19 patients.

As a result, the Solidarity trial which has recruited hundreds of hospitals across the world enrolling patients to test several possible treatments for the novel coronavirus had decided to temporarily stop the HCQ arm as a precaution.

However, with the review turning out to report no increased mortality the UN health agency has decided to resume the temporarily suspended trial on June 4th.

“On the basis of the available mortality data, the members of the committee recommended that there are ‘no reasons’ to modify the trial protocol,” WHO said.

The Solidarity trial is underway testing four drugs: Remdesivir; lopinavir/ritonavir; lopinavir/ritonavir with Interferon beta-1a; and hydroxychloroquine- for efficacy against COVID 19. More than 3,500 patients have been recruited across 35 countries to take part in the trials.