Niramai launches at-home screening service for breast cancer detection

June 8, 2020 0 By FM

An at-home breast cancer screening service has been launched by the Niramai Health Analytix in Bengaluru for helping assess breast health in women.

The service uses Niramai’s Thermalytix, an AI-based computer-aided diagnostic engine that utilises a high-resolution thermal sensing device and a cloud-hosted analytics solution for analysing the thermal images of the breasts.

The service can be accessed by taking a prior appointment with the company. The test will be carried out by a female technician and the reports certified by a radiologist shall be sent to the patient via email within 24 hours, the company said.

The screening service is aimed at women above 18 years who would like to check their breast health for the first time, or are due for their annual preventive check-up and those who have observed some breast changes.

The service has been launched in light of the COVID-19 crisis that has made it inaccessible to easily access hospital OPDs and diagnostic labs in recent times.