March 4, 2019 0 By FM

We in India often have the tendency to get excited about a big breakthrough or a curious discovery that has happened in the West, expressing deep regret that our country lags far behind. But what we do not realise is the fact that this country is equally, if not more, capable of doing such things if we put our real potential to work. We may have constraints like inadequate resources and infrastructure, but these are resolvable issues if one has the will to pursue his or her passion with full devotion.
I don’t think that Indian brains are any less as far as research in science and technology is concerned, especially in the area of biomedical research. In this field, India has got many natural advantages too, including the diverse nature of the human race, wider genetic variations and a broader lifestyle and disease profile, among others. I want to tell new generation doctors and aspiring biomedical researchers that we are not inferior to anyone and we have the brightest brains in this country itself. What we lack often is the commitment and the courage to take on the challenges.
Be passionate about what you want to do in life and have full faith in your capabilities to take that dream forward. More importantly, try not to find faults with others for your failures. Instead, learn from your mistakes and take your failures as bigger steps towards success. One should realise that blaming others for one’s own failure is just an excuse and will never help in achieving progress. On the contrary, failures may prove to be the biggest opportunities for you later, if you overcome them and proceed further.
In my journey of IVF research, I have many a time felt terrible when I missed opportunities or faced difficulties in pursuing my work due to sudden departures of teammates or even accusations and non-cooperation from organisations and senior colleagues. But now, I feel that many such difficult situations have actually helped me develop the courage to become more committed and deeply involved in my work, which has ultimately helped me achieve what I wanted.
If you are fully devoted to something that you are passionate about, there will open a hundred other doors even if the one in front of you is closed. Once you decide to take the plunge and show your dedication, trust me, everything else, including money and infrastructure, will follow. From my own experience, I can confidently say that nothing can stop you from your achievements if you are determined to take the mission on. There will be people to push you up as well as pull you down. But both these should not affect your determination and hard work.

­— As told to CH Unnikrishnan