“Be passionate about the profession if you want to serve the patient”

February 4, 2019 0 By FM

Complete involvement in work typically comes from one’s own interest and not from anyone else’s compulsion. This has a lot to do with the profession of a doctor, as every decision that he or she makes at work can be life-changing in its impact.
In this profession, there is always an important element that can never be taught in the classroom or read in the textbook. That is nothing but your dedication, which forces you to go the extra mile to ensure that the patient actually benefits from your action.
But this dedication won’t come easily unless you start believing in it from the time you choose the profession. In other words, it is more important that one should select his education of medicine out of his or her passion to serve the patient community and not as a part of choosing a career option.
I had the opportunity to work as a senior consultant in several hospitals not only in Germany but also in other countries, including India. I also have many students trained under me in all these places and was fortunate to work with many of them later when they became senior consultants or surgeons in many of these big hospitals. At all these occasions, I could clearly observe how strongly their attitudinal differences reflected in their performance. There were students who were forced to choose this profession and there were others who genuinely pursued their aspiration to be in it. Here, one can really make out how that element of passion in the latter group helps them excel in their work and how impactful their actions are in the ultimate benefit of the patients.
So, let your passion choose your profession. It is the intuition that you get from your soul that often plays the most crucial role in your performance, and in turn benefits your community the most.

­— As told to CH Unnikrishnan