Earn dignity by taking responsibility

May 8, 2021 0 By FM

We nurses are in the service of care, so we ought to have the quality of a good human being in the first place, as the purpose of our service is to save and protect humanity. Since the service of care also demands special skills, there shouldn’t be any compromise on our knowledge and experience in the medical or clinical field either. Continued upskilling is an essential element of the practice. The service of care is indeed meant for not only helping the patient to relieve his pain but also to protect him from harm as well as for the promotion of his health.

However, dignity and the respect for the profession is often an outcome of the responsibility that nurses show while delivering care. We need to always work towards improving and enhancing our capabilities, which in turn makes one empowered to take independent responsibility.

Look, for instance, at how prominent the profession has become because of our dedication in the service of the COViD-19 crisis. Many of our members sacrificed their lives in the line of duty, which is unfortunately often hectic and carried out without even adequate safety precautions. However, what I really mean by the word responsibility is the dedication and hard work in not only serving the patient but also improving our skill-sets and knowledge on a regular basis, irrespective of whether there is a crisis or not. This will help you rise in your career, where bigger and higher opportunities await.

Of course, the nursing profession in India continues to be plagued by a host of deficiencies and adversities, which each of us face everyday in varying levels- lack of full professional status, poor remuneration and under employment, hostile working conditions, lack of dignity and reputation for the profession from many sections of the public and also from authorities. We have a long way to go in fetching our genuine demands. While continuing to fight and lobby for our genuine demands through various forums and organisations like TNAI, we shall continue to shoulder our huge responsibility to humanity as a whole. We need to remember that being experts in practice is an important factor in achieving empowerment and dignity. Keep in mind that there are better and bigger opportunities — like administerial and managerial posts — awaiting you in this career in India, given that healthcare is set for a revolution in this country in coming years.

Author is President, Trained Nurses’ Association of India & Academic Director, Baby Memorial Hospital, Kozhikode

—As told to CH Unnikrishnan