“A deeply committed service of pharmacists and pharmacies is critically important at this testing time”

May 9, 2020 0 By FM

With a continuous increase in COVID-19 cases and deaths across the country, India’s healthcare system has come under tremendous strain. 

One group of professionals who have to diligently discharge their duty at this time are the pharmacists, even as hospitals and health systems creak under the load of high-risk patients. Pharmacists are, and need to be, among the nation’s most accessible healthcare professionals in this hour of need. 

As highly trusted and trained healthcare professionals, pharmacists have a lifelong responsibility towards providing necessary medical goods to patients. In the current atmosphere of a pandemic, they are again called upon to be on the frontline and are considered second only to doctors during this medical emergency. Their role is to provide access to medicines, therapeutics, vaccines, OTC products and critical health services to the public. 

The timely restrictions imposed by the government played a phenomenal role in limiting the virus spread and preventing India from becoming the next global hotspot for virus cases. At the same time, it has had a drastic effect on all business sectors, including the pharmaceutical sector. This sector has seen a sudden spike in demand as people tried to get their medications early and stock up for months in advance, keeping in mind the unpredictable nature of the lockdown imposed in India. 

Currently, it is the duty of pharmacists to bring back a sense of calm and assure people that there is no need for stockpiling and that the medicine supply is intact and continuous. 

At present, access to pharmacies for medicine requirements has proven to be quite difficult as people are required to stay alert at all times and maintain social distancing as they travel to pharmacies. 

It is the duty of the industry and its e-commerce delivery partners to distribute all orders on time, a function that it is currently carrying out well.

Pharmacists are an important part of the emergency services across the globe. Hence, they have to be ready to meet any kind of medicinal requirement and even provide medical counselling, particularly to people with a chronic or rare disease. 

They may also have to provide personalised care to people who do not have access to other medical facilities. 

They must work with the awareness that their dedicated frontline service and the continuous functioning of pharmacies are critically important at this difficult time.  

Writer is the Founder & Director of Wellness Forever Medicare Pvt Ltd