New COVID cases declined to 40,111 on Sunday

July 5, 2021 0 By FM

India reported 40,111 fresh COVID-19 incidences on Sunday. The country has recorded 3,05,84,872 SARS CoV2 infections so far. The overall fatalities from the pandemic has reached 4,02,758 with 725 deaths recorded on the day. The active infection load presently comprised 5,31,803 cases, according to data from the union health ministry.

With 12,100 new incidences, Kerala continued to report the highest daily Covid cases on Sunday. The total number of infections has climbed to 29,73,685, active infections comprised 1,04,037 cases. As many as 75 deaths were recorded during the day taking the total fatalities to 13,716.

As many as 9,336 fresh cases and 306 fatalities were reported in Maharashtra on Sunday. The total number of deaths from COVID-19 rose to 1,21,804 in the state. The total cases reported from the state has reached 60,98,177 of which 1,23,225 are active cases.

Other states which reported more than 1000 cases on Sunday included Tamil Nadu (3,867), Andhra Pradesh (3,175), Odisha (2,870), Karnataka (1,564), West Bengal (1,297) and Assam (1,213).