India posts 3,55,769 COVID-19 cases and 3,439 deaths on Monday

May 4, 2021 0 By FM

India reported 3,55,769 new COVID-19 cases on Monday. As many as 3,439 deaths were reported on the day taking the overall fatalities to 2,22,386. The total confirmed cases soared to 2,02,75,632 in the country. The active infection load comprised 34,43,624 cases.

Maharashtra reported 48,621 new cases on Monday. The total case tally of the state rose to 47,71,022 while the active infection load comprised 6,56,870 cases. A total of 567 deaths were recorded on the day taking the overall fatalities to 70,851.

A total of 29,052 new cases were reported in Uttar Pradesh on the day taking the confirmed cases to 13,42,413. The active cases stood at 2,85,832. As many as 38,687 discharges and 285 deaths were recorded in the past 24 hours taking the death toll to 13,447.

Karnataka confirmed 44,438 new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours, taking the total tally to 16,46,303. The active cases of the state have surged to 4,44,734. As many as 239 deaths reported on the day took the total fatalities to 16,250.

The active infections in Kerala surged to 3,45,883 on Monday. The state added 26,011 new incidences and 45 deaths on the day. The case tally went up to 16,64,790 while the death toll has reached 5,451.

Tamil Nadu recorded 20,952 new COVID infections on Monday. The total case tally has reached 12,28,064 while the active infections went up to 1,23,258. As many as 122 deaths were recorded during the day taking the total fatalities to 14,468.

Delhi saw 18,043 new cases on Monday. With this, the total caseload has reached 12,12,989. The active infection load now comprised 89,592 cases. As many as 448 recent deaths took the overall fatalities to 17,414.

Other states which also reported a spike in fresh cases on Monday included Rajasthan (17,296), West Bengal (17,501), Chhattisgarh (15,274), Haryana (12,885), Gujarat (12,820), Madhya Pradesh (12,062), Bihar (11,407), Odisha (8,914), Jharkhand (6,899), Punjab (6,772), Telangana (5,695), Uttarakhand (5,403) and Assam (4,489).

Since the number of coronavirus cases is rising exponentially, the Uttar Pradesh government has decided to extend the coronavirus-induced curfew by two more days. The restrictions that were slated to be lifted on May 4, will now remain in place till May 6, 7 AM.

A partial lockdown will be in place in  Kerala from today (May 4) till May 9 as the Covid-19 surge in the state continues. The test positivity rate in Kerala reached 27.01 percent on Monday.

The Tamil Nadu government has also announced new Covid-19 restrictions which will be in force between 4am May 6 and 4am on May 20.

The Andhra Pradesh government, on Monday, announced its decision to impose a partial curfew in the state with effect from Wednesday. As per Andhra Pradesh Health Minister Alla Nani, “The Chief Minister has instructed to impose curfew in specified hours. Along with COVID-19 control measures, he has directed us to increase bed capacities in hospitals.”