India posted 3.70 lakh COVID-19 cases on Sunday

May 3, 2021 0 By FM

India reported 3,70,188 new COVID-19 cases on Sunday. During the past weeks from April 26-May 2 India posted the highest number of new cases globally over a seven-day period for the second week with nearly 22.5 lakh cases. As many as 3,421 deaths were reported yesterday taking the overall toll to 2,18,945. The total confirmed cases soared to 1,99,19,715 in the country. The active infection load comprised 34,10,426 cases.

Maharashtra reported 56,647 new cases on Sunday. The total case tally of the state rose to 47,22,401 while the active infection load comprised 6,68,353 cases. A total of 669 deaths were recorded on the day taking the overall fatalities to 70,284.

A total of 30,857 new cases were reported in Uttar Pradesh on the day taking the confirmed cases to 13,13,361. The active cases stood at 2,95,752. As many as 36,650 discharges and 288 deaths were recorded in the past 24 hours taking the death toll to 13,162.

Delhi saw 20,394 new cases on Sunday. With this, the total caseload has reached 11,94,946. The active infection load now comprised 92,290 cases. As many as 407 recent deaths took the overall fatalities to 16,966.

Karnataka confirmed 37,733 new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours, taking the total tally to 16,01,865. The active cases of the state have surged to 4,21,436. As many as 217 deaths reported on the day took the total fatalities to 16,011.

The active infections in Kerala surged to 3,39,438 on Sunday. The state added 31,959 new incidences and 49 deaths on the day. The case tally went up to 16,38,779 while the death toll has reached 5,406.

Andhra Pradesh has also registered a fresh spike of 23,920 cases on Sunday. The overall confirmed caseload has increased to 11,45,022. The active cases stood at 1,43,178. As many as 83 new deaths added to the total fatalities taking it to 8,136.

Tamil Nadu reported 20,768 new cases taking the total caseload to 12,07,112. The active cases in the state have surged past 1 lakh reaching 1,20,444. With 153 recent deaths the total fatalities have risen to 14,346.

Other states which also reported a spike in fresh cases on Sunday included Rajasthan (18,298), West Bengal (17,515), Bihar (13,534), Haryana (13,322), Gujarat (12,978), Madhya Pradesh (12,662), Chhattisgarh (11,825), Odisha (8,015), Telangana (7,430), Punjab (7,280), Uttarakhand (5,606), Jharkhand (4,738), Jammu and Kashmir (3,571), Himachal Pradesh (2,453), Assam (2,385), Goa (2,030) and Puducherry (1,360).