India: 18,910 confirmed COVID-19 cases on Thursday

January 29, 2021 0 By FM

India saw 18,910 fresh COVID-19 infections on Thursday pushing its cumulative caseload to 1,07,20,971. The total active infections now stand at 1,69,284. With 20,315 new discharges recorded on the day the total recoveries have risen to 1,03,93,162. The death toll has mounted to 1,54,047, with 162 new fatalities.

As many as 23,55,979 individuals have been vaccinated in the country so far, according to the reports from the Health Ministry.

Kerala saw 5,771 new infections, 5,594 recoveries and 19 deaths on Thursday. The state has reported 9,11,363 COVID-19 incidences by far, of which the active infections totalled to 72,394. The state has seen 8,35,046 recoveries and 3,683 deaths from the infection till now.

Maharashtra reported 2,889 fresh cases, 3,181 recoveries and 50 deaths on Thursday. The total confirmed cases have reached 20,18,413 in the state, of which the active cases stood at 43,048. The total recoveries have reached 19,23,187 and the death toll stood at 50,944.

Globally, 102,041,074 cases have been reported so far and 2,201,044 lost lives to the pandemic. The US has the highest number of incidences at 26,338,607, followed by India (1,07,20,971) and Brazil (9,060,786).

With 1,506 deaths reported on Thursday, Mexico’s COVID-19 death toll surpassed that of India,  making it the third country with the highest number of fatalities. Mexico has reported 1,825,519 COVID cases so far. The country began administering the Pfizer vaccine at the end of December.

The number of deaths reported are highest in the US (443,769), which is followed by Brazil (221,676), Mexico (155,145) and India (154,047).