India’s new infections tally breaches 46k mark on Friday

November 21, 2020 0 By FM

India reported 46,288 new COVID-19 infections on Friday. The new incidences took the nation’s case tally to 90,50,613. The overall active cases totalled to 4,39,915 as of now. The number of people who have recuperated from the disease reached 84,75,897 with 48,881 patients getting discharged yesterday. The death toll mounted to 1,32,764 with 563 new fatalities.

Delhi reported 6,608 COVID-9 positive cases on Friday. The city saw 8,775 recoveries and 118 deaths during the day. The case tally rose to 5,17,238, of which 40,936 are active infections. The total recoveries have reached 4,68,143 and the deaths stood at 8,159.

The Delhi government stated that it was taking all measures to control the spread of the pandemic in the city and provide better treatment to patients. Constant efforts were being made to overcome the shortage of ICU beds in hospitals, it said.

While 663 additional ICU beds will be added in Delhi government hospitals within the next few days, 750 ICU beds have been provided by the Central government.

Kerala, on Friday, reported 6,028 new cases of COVID-19 after testing over 60,400 samples. The total number of confirmed cases has reached 5,51,670, of which the number of active cases stood at 67,836, as of now. So far, 4,81,718 persons in the state have recovered from the virus infection. With 28 recent deaths, the total fatalities took to 1,998.

Maharashtra reported 5,640 new COVID-19 incidences on Friday after conducting over 70,500 tests. The overall case tally stood at 17,68,695 with 78,272 active infections. As many as 6,945 patients saw recovery during the day taking the total recoveries to 16,42,916. 155 new deaths took the overall deaths due to the pandemic in the state to 46,511.

Haryana added 3,104 new positive infections on Friday pushing its COVID tally to 2,12,355. The active cases stood at 20,150 with 1,90,067 recoveries and 2,138 deaths seen so far.

West Bengal added 3,626 new infections pushing its total caseload to 4,49,131. The active infections stood at 25,599 in the state. As many as 3,850 patients were recovered yesterday while 50 patients succumbed to ailments from the infection. The total recoveries went up to 4,15,609 till now and the fatalities totalled 7,923.

Uttar Pradesh on Friday saw new COVID-19 cases at 2,840. The case tally of UP stands at 5,21,988 with 23,357 active cases, 4,91,131 recoveries and 7,500 deaths seen so far.

Rajasthan added 2,762 new Covid positive cases after conducting 27,600 tests on Friday. The total case tally of Rajasthan stood at 2,37,669 with 20,923 active infections, 2,14,616 recoveries and 2,130 deaths reported till date.