Case tally crosses 9 m mark as India reports 46K new COVID-19 infections on Thursday

November 20, 2020 0 By FM

India reported 46,185 new COVID-19 infections on Thursday. The new incidences took the nation’s case tally to 90,04,325. The overall active cases totalled to 4,43,078 as of now. The number of people who have recuperated from the disease reached 84,27,016 with 45,246 patients getting discharged yesterday. The death toll mounted to 1,32,202 with 583 new fatalities.

Delhi reported the highest number of COVID-9 positive cases on Thursday with 7,546 incidences. The city saw 6,685 recoveries and 98 deaths during the day. The case tally rose to 5,10,630, of which 43,221 are active infections. The total recoveries have reached 4,59,368 and the deaths stood at 8,041.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday announced measures for private hospitals to effectively manage the peak of corona cases in the Capital. All private hospitals have been asked to reserve 80% of ICU beds and 60% of non-ICU beds for COVID-19 patientsl. Private hospitals have also been asked to defer all non-critical planned surgeries for a few days until the peak of cases passes.

The chief minister added that a decision has been taken to increase the fine for not wearing a mask in public from ₹500 to ₹2,000 to help control the spread of COVID-19 in the Capital as many people have been showing recklessness towards wearing a mask.

Kerala, on Thursday, reported 5,722 new cases of COVID-19 after testing over 67,000 samples. The total number of confirmed has reached 5,45,642 of which the number of active cases stood at 68,234, as of now. So far, 4,75,320 persons in the state have recovered from the virus infection. With 26 recent deaths, the total fatalities took to 1,970.

Maharashtra reported 5,535 new COVID-19 incidences on Thursday after conducting over 64,200 tests. The overall case tally stood at 17,63,055 with 79,738 active infections. As many as 5,860 patients saw recovery during the day taking the total recoveries to 16,35,971. 154 new deaths took the overall deaths due to the pandemic in the state to 46,356.

West Bengal added 3,620 new infections taking the total caseload to 4,45,505. The active infections stood at 25,873 in the state. As many as 3,990 patients were recovered yesterday while 53 patients succumbed to ailments from the infection. The total recoveries went up to 4,11,759 till now and the fatalities totalled 7,873.

Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, on Thursday, saw new COVID-19 cases at 2,532 and 2,549 respectively. The case tally of UP stands at 5,19,148 with 22,757 active cases, 4,88,911 recoveries and 7,480 deaths seen so far. The total case tally of Rajasthan stood at 2,34,907 with 20,168 active infections, 2,12,623 recoveries and 2,116 deaths reported till date.