COVID-19 case tally nears 8 million in India

October 26, 2020 0 By FM

India reported 45,065 fresh incidences of COVID-19 on Sunday. With this, the total case tally jumped to 79,09,050 of which the active infections stood at 6,54,686, according to the data from the Health Ministry. As many as 71,33,994 patients have recovered from the infection in all till now. The death toll mounted to 1,19,030 with 589 recent deaths.

Maharashtra reported 6,059 new COVID-19 cases pushing its cumulative tally to 16,45,020. Of the total caseload, the active infections stood at 1,40,486, while the total recoveries have reached 14,60,755 and the death toll stood at 43,264.

New incidences of the viral infection continued to dip in Andhra Pradesh which reported 2,997 positive COVID-19 cases taking the total tally to 8,07,023. The number of active infections under treatment reduced to 30,860 as the recoveries rose to 7,69,576 and the death toll climbed to 6,587.

The cumulative COVID-19 caseload of Karnataka crossed the 8 lakh mark on Sunday after reporting 4,439 new cases. The case tally stood at 8,02,817 marking the third-highest number of cases in India after Maharashtra and AP. The active infections in the state stood at 81,050. As many as 10,905 patients succumbed to the virus related ailments by far while 7,10,843 has seen recovery in the state.

Kerala’s casetally inched close to 4 lakh with 3,92,931 cases reported till now. The state reported 6,843 new incidences yesterday. The active infections stood at 92,732 in all as the total recoveries rose to 2,94,910 and the death toll reached 1,333.

The overall number of global coronavirus cases has increased to 43,343,796 while the deaths have soared to 1,159,082. The US is the worst-hit country with the world’s highest number of cases and deaths at 8,889,179 and 230,510, respectively, which is followed by India and Brazil.