Category: Technology

May 4, 2022 0

Mayo breakthrough in single-lead ECG tracings from an Apple Watch

By CH Unnikrishnan

The single lead ECG tracing gains significance as a standard ECG uses 12 electrode leads strategically placed on a person’s chest, arms and legs to create a tracing used to evaluate the heart’s electrical signals. A previous Mayo research showed that the 12-lead ECG and AI algorithm can identify a weak heart pump. However, this information is useful to clinicians in an office setting.

October 28, 2021 0

AdvaMed releases new Code of Ethics for diagnostics and med-tech makers

By Team FM

Much like the pharmaceutical sector, the medical device industry is unique and would benefit from guidance that is tailored to its needs. A separate code for medical devices will better address the unique needs of the MedTech sector. The AdvaMed code aims to bridge the gap and drive cognizance on the unique requirements of the medtech sector with respect to training and clinical research.

October 11, 2021 2

Alcon introduces presbyopia-correcting lens implant–AcrySof IQ Vivity, first time in India

By CH Unnikrishnan

This technology, which stretches and shifts light without splitting it, delivers a continuous range of vision at various distances like monofocal-quality distance (far) with excellent intermediate (at arm’s length, e.g., reading the newspaper, working on laptop) and functional near (up close, e.g., reading books, mobile phone), with a clinically proven exceptionally low rate of visual disturbances.