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Ensure our near and dear ones get vaccinated on time

We are in the end game of the COVID-19 pandemic in India, and to succeed at this stage, we need to follow 3 steps: Keep politics out of the COVID-19 vaccination drive, trust the science behind COVID-19 vaccines, and ensure our near and dear ones get vaccinated on time.

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Time to value vaccine science

Vaccines have been the most effective medical intervention ever invented in the world so far, especially when pandemics hit humankind. There is no doubt that the ability of vaccines to save lives is unmatched by any medicine. In fact, the first vaccine, which was developed against smallpox in 1796, actually eradicated the disease from the […]

Dr Suresh Jadhav

Building public confidence in immunisation is critical

As we all are aware, public spending on healthcare is woefully low in India. The government resources which are already in place are both scarce and limited in quantity and quality. Therefore, it is the prime responsibility of each and every stakeholder to ensure that these resources are utilised in the most productive way. The […]

Dr PR Sodani

Physicians should be alive to the social context of an epidemic

Poverty is a determinant of malnutrition. It manifests itself through inadequate dietary intake, lack of medical care, and lack of access to sanitation, health and hygiene.

Dr Shanavas A

Learn to save the golden hours

A stroke is a medical emergency as it can lead to death or permanent disability. Though there are many modern treatments available for brain disorders in India today, stroke alone kills as many as
7 lakh Indians every year due to delayed treatment.

Dr Samir Parekh

Respond in senses

Challenges become multifold if we start reacting to a crisis instead of responding to it, and that is exactly what is happening in today’s Corona times.

Dr Dilip Kumar

Not just COVID-19, India needs a war against NCDs too

It has been an unprecedented medical crisis, the number of COVID-19 cases recorded worldwide has passed the 18 million mark, and understandably, there is great amount of fear and anxiety.

Dr Pratap C Reddy