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October 5, 2020 0

Genetic study flags gallbladder cancer therapy, vaccine candidates


A team of US- and India-based scientists from leading genetic research-and-data-based diagnostic company MedGenome, along with an international team of researchers from institutions in the US, India, South Korea, Chile and Australia, reported sequencing and analysis of over 150 gallbladder cancer (GBC) samples.

September 5, 2020 0

Breakthrough study captures polygenic risk scores for CAD in South Asians


MedGenome Labs, a leading genomics research and clinical data-driven diagnostics company, along with experts from Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and others, conducted the first-ever study on the South Asian population that validates a coronary artery disease-polygenic risk score (CAD-PRS) to predict the risk of developing coronary artery disease or myocardial infarction using a person’s genetic makeup.

August 12, 2020 0

“We plan to nominate a lead product candidate by the end of this year”


In an exclusive conversation with Future Medicine, Sekar Kathiresan, MD, Co-Founder and Chief Executive, said Verve Therapeutics — as a product-focused company — is agnostic to the technology it uses, and is therefore continuously conducting multiple programmes using base editing or CRISPR-Cas9 against various gene targets in the liver.

April 3, 2020 0

Genomics of COVID-19


Inside a lipid membrane covered in protein spikes, the RNA of SARS-CoV-2 sits coiled and waiting.