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“Virus drift unlikely to make vaccine ineffective in the next few years”

In a conversation with FM, Dr Brunar explains why, in the next 2-3 years, mutant SARS-CoV-2 will have to compete with the wild type virus till herd immunity is developed and why sub-unit vaccines are a necessity

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Mutant variants: Whole virus vaccines better?

Indian vaccine experts say that whole-virus vaccines such as Covaxin made by Bharat Biotech can work better against new variants of a virus, compared to vaccines that target only a part of the virus.


Find your place in the vaccine line

All eyes are now on India as the country has kickstarted what is being described as the world’s largest vaccination programme against the COVID-19 pandemic.

S Harachand

mRNA vaccines debut

“This is an unprecedented pandemic, and extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures;” these are the words of Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, chief executive of Biocon — India’s top biotherapeutics firm

S Harachand

Why mRNA?

RNA is a notoriously unstable molecule. As a vaccine platform, mRNA came into prominence at the beginning of the 1990s because of its immunological features similar to those of live attenuated vaccines, such as endogenous antigen expression and T cell induction.


Heralding a new approach to challenging infections, cancer…

mRNA vaccines are touted to be a promising alternative to conventional vaccine approaches. These vaccines have high potency, capacity for rapid development and potential for low-cost manufacture and safe administration.


Thermostable, single-dose mRNA vaccines on the way

Experts say that early success of mRNA vaccines could open the floodgates of mRNA applications, especially in managing infectious diseases. mRNA vaccines are poised to make great strides in vaccine development, which could change the way vaccines are approached. Researchers are now focusing on thermostable mRNA vaccines to overcome one of the major hassles — […]